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About Ham Institute of Cyber Security

HICS is an Instructor-Led Cyber Security Training Academy. With the short fall of Cyber Security Professionals and low awareness rate, HICS has designed series of Information Security Programmes and Courses for the purpose of creating Cyber Security Awareness, empowering participants with Cyber Security Skills and building a Cyber Security Career.

With extensive research, review and happenings in the Cyber Security Industry by our Course Development Team, courses offered by Ham Institute of Cyber Security are designed.


Instructors at HICS are certified by major Cyber Security Certification bodies and in addition, they have extensive hands-on experience. Our course instructors are saddled with the responsibility to achieve the objective of each course at the end of the course schedule.


Programmes at HICS are generally Cyber Security Awareness and Enlightenment training which can take place either Offline (Traditional Classroom) or Online (Virtual Classroom), while HICS Courses are career oriented, designed for Cyber Security Professionals and it takes place strictly Online (Virtual Classroom).

Each Course at HICS is divided into a number of class sessions to enable the instructor achieve the objective set for the course by the Course Development Team. Each class session holds for a maximum of two (2) hours.


HICS offers Instructor-led teaching method. The instructor is the custodian of the knowledge, who is in-turn expected to transmit the knowledge to the student/participants.

Language of Instructor at HICS is English Language

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