Differentiating between Cyber Security Awareness Training (CSAT) and Cyber Security Specialization Training (CSST)

Some person finds it difficult to differentiate between Cyber Security Awareness Training and Cyber Security Specialization Training. Even though both Cyber Security Awareness Training and Cyber Security Specialization Training are very important in a Corporate Business/Organization, that cannot be said for Individual system user, except the person is interested in pursuing a career in Cyber Security.


Cyber Security Awareness Training (CSAT) can be defined as training given to staffs both employers and employees to educate them on types of Cyber Security Threat, Attacks and crime carried out by attackers on a corporate organization. It usually also covers some preventive and detective tips. While Cyber Security Specialization Training (CSST) is a training given to individuals interested in pursuing a career in Cyber Security through a professional course pathway. The course is dependent on the specialization the individual interested in pursuing. The course generally contains practical steps to building and applying a Cyber Defense Strategies.

Understand that a Cyber Security Awareness Training does not entail Technicality. Participants in the CSAT program are not meant to be technically sound before embarking on the training. The course is developed for both participants with the least educational qualification occupying the position of a bellboy and the highest education qualification occupying the position as the general manager.

The CSAT program is not designed for Senior IT Staffs because it is assumed that they already have the foundational knowledge of Cyber Security which the awareness program is also designed for. Except the staff does not have a basic Cyber Security Knowledge and wants to have the knowledge or even pursuing a Cyber Security Career, such staff or individual can take a Security Awareness course as a foundation to begin a Career in Cyber Security.

For staffs or individual willing to undertake the CSAT program, they should understand that the CSAT program does not teach, train or instruct participants on how to build and implement a Cyber Security Defense and Attack strategy. For such staff or individual to be able to perform tasks such as penetration testing, security audit, vulnerability assessment, forensic investigations, telecoms security, etc. they must undertake the specialization training or professional course related to the area of interest.

It is, therefore, necessary that staffs and individuals participate in the Cyber Security Awareness Training program in order for them to be able to prevent and detect regularity in a system, process or technology.