Organizing a Classroom Training Course

A classroom training program can be extremely tiring if not well planned, especially when the organizer is not taking is working alone.

Knowledge is never a waste, it is as important as live, no wonder Albert Einstein: “once you stop learning you start dying”. Therefore, it means that as long as people remain in this world, we will always continue to learn, but the concern is we have many willing to learn but few willing to teach. There is another category of those willing to teach but do not know how to go about it. We will be exploring the preparation stages and checklist to set and prepare for a classroom training course.

Since you already know that it is an offline training, The first thing you will have to do is outline your objective. A course objective can help in getting participant for the training. The course objective should what you want to course to achieve at the end of the training. Every course program must have a course objective, even the certification exams organizer such as Cisco, CompTIA, EC-Council, Microsoft, etc, they all have a course objective for each of their courses.

Your course objective should help you to determine the course name. The name of a course is as essential as the course objective because they will aid in marketing the course. Your course name can either make you or break you. Ensure that your course name is short with at least two to three words. In a situation where the course name is more than three Words, it is advisable that the course should have a course code. For example, you intend to training participants on how to secure a telecommunication system, your course name should something like Telecoms Security or you want to design an Awareness Training in Cyber Security for Companies in the Hospitality industry, your course name should be something like Cyber Security Awareness Training (CSAT).

After deciding your course name, your next line of action is Developing your outline and content. Participants that are trained with a well-developed content may likely help you to sell your training course to their friends or family and if it is a course like Cyber Security Awareness Training (CSAT), they may be able to their company. Most Participants gives a review on the content, not Course name or Course objective.

Now, with the Course Objective, Name & Content developed, it is time to prepare for your training, you will define the scope of your training. The scope should include the number of participants, the lecture method which can be lecture teaching or question & answer teaching method, discussion teaching method, the form of training offline Classroom or Virtual Classroom or Online Self-paced Study, the scope also cover if it is free or paid, with the amount to be charged per participant and how payment will be made.

Brian work ends with the course content and scope of training, now start using your eyes to look for a convenient venue. When looking for a venue, ensure that it is accessible by participants, easy to locate and for marketing purpose, ensure it can be found on google map. Participant may use google map to locate the venue and some may verify the authenticity of the venue on google map.

Now that the venue is out of the way, start your marketing. Understand that because it is an offline classroom set-up does not mean that you will not use the internet to market your course. There are numerous digital marketing platforms like google ads, facebook ads, you can even use linkedin inmail to target professionals related to the developed course content and name. Flyers are also required for distribution and some trainer with the fund can erect a billboard for the training.

Hoping that the marketing goes smoothly, its time for you to get ready and start receiving your trainee. Although, in some cases, you will need to still convince some trainee to pay and participate if it is going to be a paid training program.

Delivery of Content is the last phase for every training process, as good as your course objective can be, as sweet as your course name can be, as broad as your course content can be, as be explicit as your scope can be, as easy and beautiful as your venue can be, as successful as your marketing can be, IF YOU DO NOT DELIVER convincingly, you will have to start the preparation afresh. And this is the reason why participants of courses and programs offered by Ham Institute of Cyber Security keeps coming back for more because after knowledge, what you will need is more knowledge, which is why our slogan is knowledge and more...