Three (3) Angles to Cyber Attack Errors

Cyber Security industry is an industry that relates to everybody, whether you are a Director, Board Member, CEO or you are a Cleaner, Gateman, Messenger, or maybe you are a system user like secretary or customer service representative you must all the involve in securing the systems and the corporate network.

There are three (3) angels to securing corporate systems and network, they are Technological, Human and Process/Procedural angles.

The Technological Angle to Cyber Security: This focuses on the technology needed and required to secure the information system assets in an organization. This technology is very key to preventing a cyber attack especially by a Hacker who uses his/her technical skills to gain control over a system. With the right Technologies such as a Secures Radius Server, an Intrusion Detection and Prevention system, an End Point Security, etc. you can prevent a cyber attack.

How about the Procedural Angle to Cyber Security which focuses on the process that gets things done or procedures that completes a given task. Relating this to the corporate world using the banking system as a case study, what is the process of lodging a cheque and when does the cheque clear. I used to bank with a bank whereby once a cheque is lodged into my account, I receive a credit alert, however, the cheque is not yet clear for the money to be in my available balance. This is a very wrong procedure and an attacker can exploit this procedure or process. An attacker via procedural angle can be corrected with a corrected procedure

Finally, the last Angle to Cyber Security is Human Angle. This is the weakest angle compare the all other angles. While the procedural and technological angle can be safe except with a bad procedure or absence technology or maybe misconfiguration of a technology. Same can not be said of Human angle, because the decision is resident with the human not minding the position. The Human Angle is described as an error made by Human. A social engineering attack can be carried out on anybody whether you are the CEO that works from his mobile phone, a Board Member that works from home, a Secretary that sends and receives an email in the office, or a Janitor that even does not use a computer system. Almost all successful major attacks such as Sony Pictures and JPMorgan Chase were carried out through the Human error. Statistics show that 60% of small organizations go out of business due to Cyber Attacks. Also by the year 2020, the total amount to be lost due to a data breach is estimated at $150 million. The only way to reduce the risk of an attack via the Human Angle is by Organizing Cyber Security Awareness Training and due to the constant change in approach by attackers, it is adviced that this Training is done yearly.