Cyber Intelligence

Course Overview

As security becomes tougher in the cyber space due to the dynamism of cybercrimes, there is need for the world to change its crime ghting methodology to curtail these changes.

This recently restructured and renamed course (from Cyber Intelligence & Information Gathering to Cyber Intelligence & Digital Policing) will teach students how to carry out intelligence gathering from the cyberspace using open-source intelligence tools that are available in the cyberspace.

Why take the Cyber Intelligence & Digital Policing Course with HICS Academy?

Students at HICS Academy are part of those changing the dynamics of Cyber security exposure in Africa. Therefore, you will become a global student in a global community where you will:

o be able to speak condently on the subject matter
o become an Intelligence professional in the cyberspace
o understand the concept of digital policing system
o be able to determine public information risk


Students must compulsorily attend all live-class sessions in these modules:

Espionage in the Cyberspace
Information Gathering in the Cyberspace
Introduction to Social Engineering
Open-Source Intelligence I
Open-Source Intelligence II
Open-Source Intelligence III
The Concept of Digital Policing


Cyber Intelligence & Digital Policing Employment Opportunities

Graduating from this program will equip participants to function in the following professions:

Internet Researcher
Data Mining Specialist
Cyber Intelligence Officer
Digital Police Officer
Social Engineer

How is the course taught?

This course will consist of nine (9) weeks theoretical and practical live-class sessions. The language of instruction for this course is English Language and it will be taught 100% Online.

How much will it cost?

The total cost for this course is $200