Cyber Crime, Warfare & Terrorism

Course Overview

Cyber crime and terrorism are among the biggest threats to human existence currently. It does not only have the tendency of causing signicant impact to human race but it also has the capability of causing harm to our physical planet. As terrorists continue to explore the cyberspace in carrying out their objectives, it is essential that we protect ourselves by acquiring knowledge on how this new form of crime is being carried out. The introduction of the cyber domain is changing the dynamics of warfare. The era of guns and bullets will soon be overrun by cyber weapons, some of which we will review as case study in this course.

Why take the Cyber Crime, Warfare & Terrorism Course with HICS Academy?

Students at HICS Academy are part of those changing the dynamics of Cyber Security exposure in Africa. Therefore, you will become a global student in a global community where you will:
o be able to speak confidently on the subject matter
o become an entry professional in Cyber Security
o learn the dynamics of Cyber Crime, Cyber Warfare & Cyber
Terrorism as a single but expanded course
o understand the concept of weapons in the cyber space
o learn how to become vigilant in the Cyberspace


Students must compulsorily attend all live-class sessions in these modules:

Crime in the Cyberspace
Concept of Social Engineering
Introduction to Computer Malware
21 Century Warfare: Cyber Warfare
Cyber Weapons: The New Weapons
Cyber Terrorism: The future of Terrorism


Cyber Crime, Warfare & Terrorism Employment Opportunities

As most organizations require cyber security skills as necessary requirement to get employed, we have designed this course with all relevant skills that will make our students practice the following professions to be more advantageous in getting employment:

o Private Security
o Public Security
o Security Researchers
o Cyber Security
o Information Technology

How is the course taught?

This course will be taught for a period of six (6) weeks

How much will it cost?

The fee for this course is $120.