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Welcome To Ham Institute of Cyber Security

Ham Institute of Cyber Security (HICS Academy) is an Instructor-led Cyber Security Training Academy established to address the short fall of Cyber Security Professional and Low awareness rate in Africa, with its series of Information Security Programmes and Courses for the purpose of creating Cyber Security Awareness, empowering participants with Cyber Security Skills and building a Cyber Security Career.

HICS Academy Courses

A course developed to equiped the Information Technology Personnels with the right knowledge to protect corporate information system assets from Cyber Attacks. This course also double as a foundation level course for those interested in switching career to become Cyber Security Professionals.

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HICS Academy Certificate Program.

It is a robust Cyber Security Awareness training programme that covers most aspect of corporate organizations, individual, family threat as it relates to cyber security. It is aimed at keeping the world informed of the different kind of threats around them and how to prevent these threats or limit the risk of impact

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