Cyber Security Awareness Training

Programme Content

<p>HICS Cyber Security Training is a program designed to empower participants with foundational skills to pursue a career in Cyber Security and also enlighten participants on Cyber Security Awareness, Protection & Prevention.</p> <p>The Awareness Training covers most aspect of Family, Corporate & Personal Cyber Attacks. Participants with the aim of Building a Foundational skill for a career in Cyber Security should consider the training a must take.</p>

Benefit to Choose Participants

Will enhance security vigilance for participants (Individual & Corporate staffs)

Will enlighten participants on how to limit the risk of Cyber attacks.

Will make participants have a better security culture.

Will enlighten participants on how to be safe when connected to the internet.

Will empower parent with technology that can be used to control and monitor their children’s internet access.

Will reveal secret about the invisible internet called the dark web

Can serve as a foundation in your Cyber Security Career.

Who can Attend?

IT Managers, CEOs, CTOs, Directors


Any individual interested in pursuing a career in Cyber Security.

Any Individual interested is security

Certified Instructor

Quality Knowlegde

Certificate Course